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What is A Fake Marriage Certificate Form?

Individuals may file a fake marriage certificate for a bunch of reasons. One such is passport/green card application. Typically, a fake marriage certificate is one issued for a sham marriage or marriage of convenience.

A marriage of convenience is a marriage conducted with the intention of achieving specific goals other than for the purpose of staying married as a couple.

Under the marital laws of the US, a marriage certificate would be considered fake if it:

  • Contains false or incorrect information at the time of filing;
  • Is issued by an entity not licensed by the government. This is especially true of marriage certificates that were not issued in accordance with the statutory marriage guidelines;
  • Has an intention to gain some other reward, financial or otherwise from the union (for example securing other documents or evading immigration laws) other than achieving a marital relationship.

A good fake marriage certificate form must properly mimic an original marriage certificate for it to be tenable or its users get the benefits of drafting one in the first place.

Our marriage certificate forms are drafted and styled in accordance with the standard and prevailing laws guiding marriages in various states. You can get one in Word format for free now by clicking the Download button. You may also sign the form online using our seamless and easy-to-use online signing tool.

Information Required On A Fake Marriage Certificate Form

A fake marriage certificate is made to mimic a real marriage certificate so it contains the same information as is required on the genuine form.

The information to be supplied on the form includes:

  • Name of Husband
  • Name of Wife
  • Age of Husband: This is necessary since marriage laws differ from state to state. Some states prohibit the marriage of persons below the age of 21
  • Age of Wife: As applied by the US state
  • Date Of The Marriage
  • Marriage venue
  • Name of the Officiating Minister
  • Groom signature
  • Bride signature

Fake Marriage Certificate: How to Complete the Form

Filling a marriage certificate is by no means difficult. Here’s how to go about it.

Begin by filling in the names of individuals getting wedded. This includes the name of the groom and bride.

Box 1 of a fake marriage certificate form, names of individuals getting wedded

Next, write out the day, month, and year the marriage happens. 

Box 2 of a fake marriage certificate form, the day, month, and the year the marriage happens

Here, you are expected to enter the name of the priest, juror or whatever authority is joining the couple together.

Box 3 of a fake marriage certificate form, the name of the priest or juror

The At section is where you are to provide the venue for the wedding. Details are very important here so make sure to include the building number and name of the street. If you have filled in a priest as the officiator in the earlier section, make sure the address you are filling in here is where the priest resides or where their church is at. That way, your certificate feels real.

Box 4 of a fake marriage certificate form, the venue for the wedding

Finally, the bride and groom sign the certificate. Without the signature of both parties, the marriage will be seen as a sham because it means one or none of the parties agreed to the marriage.

Box 5 of a fake marriage certificate form, the signature of the bride and groom

What is a Fake Marriage Certificate Used For?

A fake marriage certificate serves the same purpose as a genuine marriage certificate. It is used as evidence of marriage between two persons and can be used to receive or qualify for privileges associated with married couples as proven by a marriage certificate.

A fake marriage certificate can be used for the following reasons:

Change Of Name: The bride may want to change her name to her spouse’s

Sharing Health Benefits: Health Benefits can be shared between couples and a marriage certificate is issued to show that the interested persons are established as a married couple under the law

Filing Taxes: It may be used by two persons who may choose to file their taxes as a couple

Apply for Mortgage: Planning to buy a house as a couple? A marriage certificate is one of the documents required to apply for a couple's mortgage package. An individual can take advantage of this package without truly getting married using a fake marriage certificate

Change Of Child Custody: You need a marriage certificate when filing for custody

Apply for Permanent Residence Permit: One of the fastest ways of securing a permanent residence permit is to marry a citizen. This is by far the most frequent use of a fake marriage certificate

Who Needs A Fake Marriage Certificate?

Anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of a marriage certificate and does not desire to have a genuine marriage needs this document.

This is especially true for immigrants who want to secure their green cards and stay permanently in the US.

A fake marriage certificate may also be used by persons who want to enjoy certain health care benefits.

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